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the best worst role in League of Legends


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外围体育投注As Draven, you will force trades/all ins on lane with axes and cause you have HoB, you can hit them with 2 maybe 3 autos, as you would hit them only once with PTA or conq. First buy is dorans blade, 1 pot and trinket. 1st back you want to get serrated dirk and then start building muramana, If you cant afford serrated dirk, buy as many longswords as you can, and charm for tear, do not buy tear rather than pickaxe, you are not able to stack it, to make it worth. 2nd item is Sanguine Blade. 3rd item is Edge of Night, It will come in handy. 4th and 5th items are situational, but I prefer to take 4th item DD and 5th Mortal Reminder. Boots you can keep T1 to last item If you want, you take Tabis or Mercurys, depending on situation. You will most of the time spend on sidelane farming and dueling enemies, since you have HoB and build SB, It shouldnt be a problem.

runes: HoB>>cheap shot>>eyeball collection>>Rentless hunter

secondary: Presence of mind>>bloodline

stats you go classical: attackspeed-dmg-armor/mr

外围体育投注high elo korean streamer named 크캣66 is playing this Draven, he streams on twitch and has youtube so you can check him how he plays it

外围体育投注starting spells Q>>W>>E

spell priority R>>Q>>W>>E

外围体育投注It takes 2 to 3 games to get used to the build and playstyle, but it spikes faster and has same dmg/scaling as normal crit adcs, due to manamune

外围体育投注GLHF in your future games

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外围体育投注I play adcs for season straight and I have some issues about climbing, currently balancing between g4/g3

1.I have coinflip games, basically 50% wr, there is just so much factors against me, I know I do a lot of mistakes, but from start of my adc maining, I learned so many things, how to do them and properly execute them, but this doesnt apply on my teammates, I will show you one scenario:

I played Jinx adc and our jungler, lee sin, was going to botside crab, so I came there since there was enemy jgl, to have number advantage, my jungler was happy, but my support died going 1v2, we wouldnt even win 2v2, since Sett Kalista is stronger than Jinx Zyra, then she typed in all chat adc diff and went shittalk mode. I know how to play botlane, but I feel like my supports dont, also I dont have duo partner that mains support.

2. Im not sure If my itemization is correct, I go IE first on all traditional adcs, then go ER or RFC, 3rd item is always DD, then I build situational items. I feel like going BT is suicide, cause the same gold you can get DD and it just gives so much more, also I know about cull, which I buy it everytime, I dont have for BF yet and before 40 cs.

3.I learned a lot, I know how to teamfight, trade, splitpush, duel, outplay, objectives and more, I played all roles, so I know that If they dont win lane, not always Its their fault. (I played camille top, I had Skarner jgl, I was vs Renekton, I was freezing whole laning phase, yet skarner never came) On botlane its hard to sometimes freeze, due to champions you play or play aganits, sometimes my supp just throws all spells on minions. I know how to play around cooldowns too, but I dont know how long cooldowns are for every champion, I just cant remember, due to short memory.

外围体育投注4.I have few main champions : Ezreal, Kaisa, Xayah, Varus, Lucian, Jinx and Draven. Most of them are unplayable, should I change my champion pool? My current pool are my mains, so you could say Its a lot champs, but I like to play a lot of other champions, so I know when they have powerspikes, their strenghts and the opposite of strenghts.

I want to share my glasscannon Draven. You go HoB, build Manamune, Sanguine Blade, Edge of Night, Deaths Dance and Mortal Reminder, boots are depending on situation, you just to take between Mercurys and Tabis. what do you think about this build? I think Its hella fun and hella hard to execute, since If you fall behind, you cant get back into the game easily.

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外围体育投注My hardest match up in lane is against Cait.

I always seem to get out poked and don’t take trades too well against her. Combine that with an aggressive mage support like lux or Morgana, and it feels like i’m always trapped under turret with my support.

Even when I’m playing safe/defensive - traps are carefully placed near the turret and creates some sort of a “blind spot.”

Often times I either get poked to death behind the turret or struggle to last hit bcuz I have to awkwardly maneuver around the traps to get within range to last hit.

Cait is such an often pick in my ELO and I’m tired of not having an answer.

If it matters, I’m in Gold 3 and my champ pool consists of: Ez, Mf, Lucian, Kaisa, and Ashe.


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I mean seriosly, I feel like building attack speed on Lucian is worthless, since you can roll your autos with your passive.

Lucian is snowball champion, so take fights you know you win, also he has short range, so count with that too, try to grab as much gold as you can. starting is dorans blade (depends if enemy has poke or harass, then you go shield) 1 pot and trinket. (on lvl 9 try to not forget on getting Farsight) You want to have exhaust, especially as Lucian, cause most of the time you will be on sidelane farming and dueling opponents. First back BF, If you cannot afford it, go Cull and farm. First item IE, cause it allows you to 1v1 every adc if you land your Q. 2nd Item is ER, on Lucian you need mana, since without it you are pretty much living ward, so dont use spells on minions too much before ER. 3rd Item is usually DD, no BT please, take DD. 4th and 5th are your situational items, so lets say GA and Maw, but core is IE, ER, DD, no need for more crit, since you will roll autos from passive. Boots you take Berserks. try to have Berserks before ER.

外围体育投注starting spells E>>Q>>W (having dash lvl 1 is much more usefull than Q)

外围体育投注spell maxing priority R>>Q>>E>>W

Runes you go PTA>> pressence of mind>> bloodline>> cut down

外围体育投注secondary you can go footwear/biscuits or nimbus cloak/gathering storm (but I prefer the second option)

stats you go -attack speed-dmg-armor/mr (depending on

If you want to add/remove something tell in comment section or if you have question.

外围体育投注GLHF in your next games

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Is xayah still viable? She is the only adc that I have found some success with but for some reason is always low on the tier list, and never gets banned is there a reason for this?

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Hi guys, I am playing league for 6 years now. I love playnig adcs in aram but seem to struggle a lot in normals. Would you have some tips to get throught laning phase and some general positioning tips while fighting for me ?


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