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all things afib


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I'm currently in search of a doctor and it's taking me a while since I don't have health insurance. In the meantime, I'm trying to at least get an idea of what could be wrong with me. A user from my r/medical post mentioned I may have arrhythmia, and I wanted to reach out to see what you guys think. If this isn't appropriate, please let me know, I'll remove my post.

I'm a 25F, 5'4'' at 134 lbs.

My blood pressure, surprisingly (despite palpitations and fast beating) is normal. My reading last night was 117/70 with a pulse of 64. My readings today were also pretty normal,

I have led a mostly sedentary lifestyle, with yo-yo dieting throughout my life. Recently I've become more consistent by bringing back intermittent fasting and limiting my food intake. I've reduced my caffeine intake (used to be a 2-3 12oz cup drinker, but I've bought it down to 1 and am considering removing it entirely). For the last two weeks I've been eating one meal a day with a fairly low calorie intake.

My concerns with my health came up after this Tuesday I could feel my heart fluttering. On top of the fluttering, I developed sharp pain in my shoulder that traveled to my arm. I was scared out of my mind all night and stayed up just in case I had to call 911. This was triggered after I had drank 2 White Claws (foolish af on my part I know).

I've had a history with developing horrible heart burn or GERD after eating greasy takeout but now I'm starting to notice chest pains develop if I eat anything at all (ie. oranges, broth, salad, white rice, salmon have been what I've been eating lately and they've all triggered chest pains for me).

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Hi all,

外围体育投注So we know there are different cases of afib, theres a spectrum as it were.

外围体育投注At what point does one need to take blood thinners? I've read posts from a lot of people on this forum who seem to be healthy but aren't taking thinners.

外围体育投注Are thinners only required at very high heart rates? What about people with afib/palpitations but with heat rates that don't exceed for example 100.

Why don't people who exercise take blood thinners when they're HR goes above 120?

Where do you draw the line? I haven't been advised to take blood thinners but reading a lot on this forum makes me question it.

Thanks all

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外围体育投注Has anyone ever experienced sinus tach or SVT days following their afib episode converting to sinus? This is the first time it’s ever happened to me and I don’t know what to think or do… My doctors have me on metoprolol but the rate is so high that metoprolol isn’t controlling it.

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外围体育投注As someone who hasn’t been suffering with afib for that long I’ve been trying all sorts of different supplements to try and control it. My afib seems to be present around 90% of the time, there has been periods of a few days here and there since it started where I’m back in sinus but mostly when I take my pulse I’m feeling irregular rhythms. That’s not to say I feel symptomatic all the time, shortness of breath, chest paint and palpitations seem to come and go with no pattern.

I had been trying different supplements since my first visit to the GP when the ECG showed I was in Afib, and I’ve been sensibly not starting them all at once. First was iodine for a week, nothing improved, then magnesium for a week and I reverted to sinus midway. I carried on with both and reverted back to afib after a few days. Then it was potassium for a week, no changes but carried on with all three of them. I went back to sinus beginning of July and it lasted all the way until the 11th. I also recently started taking tumeric and hemp seed oil capsules, quite a cocktail I think you’ll agree.

I have also been taking cod liver for a few years now which I’ve continued with, and either edoxoban to thin my blood (stopped on the 11th on doctors orders after a cancelled cardioversion due to being in sinus)or a 75mg aspirin as an anti platelet.

外围体育投注Last night I had the worst nights sleep in a long long time, and over the past few days I’ve been feeling increasingly sore in my ribcage area and getting awful stomach cramps. It occurred to me that when I had my initial blood test I was told there were no problems in terms of vitamin levels, thyroid function or ferritin levels. Despite this I of course decided to try certain supplements anyways as I had read they can be helpful with irregular heartbeats.

I decided to have a look on google at three which I had expected to to be the most beneficial to heart rhythm; iodine, magnesium and potassium. It turns out the latter of the three can be dangerous to overindulge in and given that I’ve been taking them daily for well over a month now without actually having low levels I decided to stop them.

外围体育投注I realised while I was trying different supplements at different times so I could pinpoint which ones (if any) were working. I never stopped any of them once I could determine they in fact weren’t helping, and I may have potentially been giving myself more problems. I believe potassium may have been the one causing the stomach upset and chest/ribcage pain and as it was the only one I would take twice per day (as per the instructions on the packet) and after only taking my cod liver oil and aspirin this morning I can report so far that I feel a lot better. Although, i’m still in afib which is my biggest health concern at the moment.

外围体育投注So maybe just a word of warning to anyone wanting to try different supplements. Try one at a time and maybe steer clear of things like essential vitamins and minerals unless they are highlighted on a blood test. From now on i’m sticking to things like cod liver oil, ginger, garlic and turmeric unless advised otherwise by my GP.

I would love to hear from someone with experience on the subject!

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外围体育投注I just wanted to know how many of you also suffer from chronic inflammation diseases/disorders, eg: Arthritis, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis etc.

I have been looking into the effects of chronically high inflammation markers on the body and have seen that there is a rather large body of research pertaining to the high presence of C-reactive proteins (inflammatory markers) being linked to atrial and ventricular ectopy. Cytokines are known to antagonise the heart muscle, and chronically high levels of C-reactive proteins might encourage heart remodeling.

外围体育投注I was just curious if the correlation can be seen within this community also because I have always had high inflammatory markers but the rheumatologist couldn't make a diagnosis.

It is also interesting to note that a lot of athletes, who are otherwise at the top of their game and incredibly healthy, seem to get atrial arrhythmias. This could also possibly be linked to the inflammatory response to regular high intensity exercise.

外围体育投注We all know that atrial arrhythmias tend to come hand in hand with depression and anxiety as well. There is new thinking that chronic depression and anxiety should actually be considered an inflammatory disease due to sufferers having a much higher inflammatory markers than someone considered healthy.

I think this is incredibly interesting and was wondering if anyone had any opinions or anecdotal experience that might point towards this a potential cause of their condition?

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外围体育投注I’m in the hospital. Admitted with AFib RVR. I’ve been in AF for about 8 hours. High rate 140-180. Cardizem drip hoping I self convert.

My one and only cryo ablation was April 2019. 15 months AF free.

So....now what?

外围体育投注What did those of you in my shoes do next?


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Has anybody had this?

外围体育投注Today I was walking in the park and got hit by a sudden rush of severe light-headedness and wasn't sure if I was going to pass out or not. I also felt like there was no blood in my legs if that makes sense? It passed after 3 mins and then I had some small palpitations but nothing too bad as to what I normally have. Very scary nonetheless.

Can anybody help explain this. I'm seeing a doctor for my possible afib soon.

Thank you


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