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Hosting tactics for your vacation rental


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What is the best method for determining how to price your AirBnB? I know about AirDNA but was wondering if there are other options out there. I’m sorta surprised AirBnB itself doesn’t suggest pricing based on other similar postings.

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外围体育投注There is a guest that has stayed at my home three times so far. However he’s kind of suspicious. He has no profile picture, and does not even have his name on the Airbnb website, just the letter G. Furthermore, he doesn’t reply to ANY communications I sent his way. I can text, send messages on Airbnb, call but no answer. (Granted he answered my call once out of the three times he stayed with us but this was before he arrived) and then worst of all he never checks out on time. We have to personally go wake him up and tell him it’s past his check out time. And even then he takes his sweet time and makes himself coffee and stuff before leaving. This is the biggest annoyance of them all because we have to clean and get the room ready for the next guests but he never leaves on time so we have to push back the other guests check in time as well.

外围体育投注And now he put in a request to book again and I tried to decline but Airbnb says I have to write a message to him explaining why I’m declining and I don’t want to do that. Also if I decline now I know he will just book another day.

How do I stop this!!

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Question for hosts - has anyone done improvements on their home or purchased certain items to improve the amenities and booking rate?

外围体育投注If so, how much did you spend and what did you spend it on? Did you have success with booking rates and increased in revenue afterwards? Did it pay off?

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外围体育投注Does anyone else have troubles with the costumer service!!! I can’t tell you the mess we have had to deal with.. been on the phone with a guy for over an hour. We no longer have access to our account and we had some renters book a room without our knowledge. (I had called them weeks ago and they said they had changed the email to mine) They show up and wait for 4 hours! Until we finally get a call from Airbnb telling us they are waiting outside, then they wouldn’t give us their number or email for privacy reasons so we couldn’t contact them. I drive across town, of course Room was not cleaned, as we just had a check out that day. So all I’m trying to do is waive the cleaning fee for these poor people, because I have no access to the account (previous employers email is now bunk). If only he could just wave the fee for us without this being so incredibly difficult. Has anyone else felt with difficult costumer service? (Sorry mini rant while I’m on hold after hour 1/2)

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I started doing airbnb last year and learned bookings slow down dramatically around this part of the year and usually doesnt start to pick back up until March. I live in a 4 bedroom home. I use the other three for renting out on airbnb. I dont make an extreme amount of money with airbnb, about 800 a week during the season.

I'm wondering what other hosts do during slow season? Do you try to rent it out to tenants during the off season? How do you figure a price to off set your average income from airbnb bookings? I feel the need to try to charge a little higher then a normal lease out agreements thinking I'm sacrificing potential bookings that I could make much more then charging weekly or monthly rates. I'm new to all this still so that's why I'm here to see what others host plans are? If you do rent them out how do you aim for a tenant that will be gone before season picks back up. Another thing, the rooms are all furnished, with mini fridge, microwave, entertainment center, wifi, etc..since i had it set up for airbnb. So I'm thinking a furnished room, with all the amenities and utilities included would factor in on a weekly or monthly price for a tenant..

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We live in a desirable tourist area. We are 1 mile from the ocean and a few blocks from town. Our home was built in 1908 and we’ve updated but it’s still dated. I’ve always wanted to rent our house out in the summer for extra income but then we had kids and my thoughts of that were put off. We are going away for a week in August and I wanted to try and rent the house for 1 week - our house is not in pristine condition - is it worth it or should we wait until we are really ready? It would be a lot of work for me to put away and store all of our belongings but I could do it. Tips? Tricks? Advice? Thanks!!

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外围体育投注So I’m in Brooklyn New York I obtained a structural permit to allow the property to have a tiny house in my rear of my yard.

外围体育投注mini neighbors have already known that I was turning that into an Airbnb they have called the Department of buildings on me 20 times over the last couple years and I started building the project in October of last year and they have called Department of buildings I mean in that period of time 15 times.

外围体育投注I finally launched my Airbnb a few days ago the complaints are now on the grounds of harassment and threats of violence.

I had people over that weren’t from Airbnb that stayed over to test my place out and unfortunately had sex outside in the hot tub which I was not aware of as I was not home I did apologize to my neighbors but their biggest concern was they were of the color.

I have had sex in my backyard in my hot tub plenty of occasions never one complaint with the boys now there are strangers coming in and out of my backyard with a private entrance it is become more of a nuisance to their quality of life.

外围体育投注I really am at a loss of words as last night my neighbor blew up at me and my guests also calling one of my friends that was staying over with me a slut.

外围体育投注I am beyond aggravated as my home is prior to 1938 where there is there a certificate of occupancy also the structure was built to permit the structure that was allowed as far as my understanding is also mayor Deblasio did announce that tiny houses are allowed in backyards.

I would love some type of feedback that I could receive in effort to try to fix the situation but over the last six years that I have lived at my residence I have received nothing by threats harassment physical assaults I have been talked down to as a child during this entire time.

外围体育投注there are high levels of racism in my neighborhood as for as of me I am Jewish and my guests last night did notice that the anti-Semitism that I receive surrounding my home is beyond ridiculous

外围体育投注if anybody has some type of words of advice that they could provide me that I could use moving forward I would greatly appreciate it.


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