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We were playing what started out as a one shot but turned into a short campaign. We were playing pathfinder but in a modern setting with firearms. We all got mutant abilities as well, some more powerful than others. I was a warpriest and I got a few important abilities. One was that once per week I could stop time for 2 rounds, but I couldn't modify the world or attack while it was stopped in that way. Another character, a bloodrager, had the ability to fabricate at will at the cost of health points. We also had a sorcerer and an alchemist. All of this will be important later.

A final note about the setting, we were all mutants living in a radioactive wasteland with a megacorp dome off in the distance. They would occasionally send out drones to scout the area and would kill any inhabitants they saw, and they were very hard to take down. Even if you did, it would only draw more, so we always hid from them.

外围体育投注We were on our third session and we were heading into the war-torn wasteland between the broken city and the shiny megacorp dome. We were using the fabricate ability to pull precious metals out of items we found to make an obscene amount of gold and silver. While salvaging we came across a broken but still active mechanical war dog that attacked us.

We almost killed it when it ran back and launched a firework. The alchemist stated he wanted to shoot the firework as it left, as to detonate it close to the ground so it would not alert the dome. The DM said he had to roll a nat 20 to hit it. The good news is that he did it, he immediately sniped it out of the air. The bad news is its explosion burned all of us, so we had to take a moment to recover. The other bad news, much to my consternation the megacorp dome still saw it and sent a drone to investigate.

We did not have many methods of quickly escaping. The Sorcerer used expeditious retreat to get away and into a building quite a distance away, as the area was mostly barren and empty. I used my blessings to give everyone extra movement speed, but it was not enough to escape. Luckily, the alchemist had 2 potions of invisibility prepared, but only for the 3 party members. I told him to go with the blood ranger and escape into the building, and he apologized for not preparing 3 of them.

外围体育投注Now resigned to my fate I get ready to fight what we had heard were nigh unkillable drones by myself. I had a couple aces up my sleeve. You see, earlier in the campaign we found an old gun nuts stash that had AP rounds for pretty much any gun. One of the guns I carried was a double-barreled sawed-off shotgun. I dropped the stone shield spell and crouched behind it, hoping to force it to get closer before it could make out my head signature behind it. I held my police riot shield in front of me as I waited, listening until it got close. Once it got close and stopped and I started hearing the guns start up, I stopped time.

There isn't much i can do while this is happening, but I could do 2 things. One was move into positions, and the other was take an aim action. That was exactly what I did. I moved underneath it and aimed upward and kept aiming till my time stop ended. Afterwards I fired. Natural 20. I knocked the drone out of the air, and it crashed down in front of me. I was ready to do battle with this thing. My party wouldn't let me have an epic one on one combat though.

During its first turn it tore apart my riot shield, though it took less damage thanks to it. Thank god for make whole so I could repair it later. Our sorcerer then dropped a large illusion of heat around the drone, blinding it, and giving us the edge in combat. Sadly, our fabricating bloodrager was not actually there that session as he had a week trip, so he would miss a couple sessions. The GM did ask him what his character would do via text and had him act. He of course, charged out and buried his massive sword in the drone. With it blinded it wasn't much of a threat and I could hear reinforcements coming, so I tried to pull the raging bloodrager off to no avail. The GM is an old GM and forgot that they could end their rage whenever, so he had him rolling will saves to break free, all of which he failed.

外围体育投注I had moved into the building, while doing everything I could to get the barbarian to follow us. The ship arrived and we prepared to defend our friend from cover. He was tazed and knocked unconscious, and they dropped a carrier to capture him. At this point we had all found point we could fire from in the building and I opened fire. There was no way I could break the thick steel cabled that were hauling my friend up, so I tried to take out the combatants so we could run out and try and save him. There really was not anything we could do.

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Listening to a lot of stories but never played DnD before. Today a good soul did a combat tutorial with me and I finally understand. During the whole fight it was mostly math, confusion, and looking at character sheet, but when I described what was happening to my friends later it felt much more awesome :PSo please let me describe it to you just so I could vent my enthusiasm :D

I am a begginer half-ork monk entering the cave cause I heard beast lives in there. A tasty beast maybe, as my goal is finding the most delicious beast. I stealth inside and there it is, drinking water from cave pond, a basilisk. Heard about them, never seen one before, and he does not see me either. I come as near as possible and throw one of my darts at its tail. Not much damage but it notices me. I ran towards it sell it a punch to the nose and go back to my previous position. The basilisk is visibly iritated and my legs start feeling heavy. I shrug the feeling off and get ready to defend. The beast bites way harder than I expected (18dmg), I can barely stand (9/27hp). I might have just come here for my death. That is scary. I punch the beast again, and add whole flurry of blows to that. I should run away, but the beast will smack me down... BUT WAIT! I remember that I know Step of the Wind and that is my last Ki. I run away, and beast chase me but I am way faster. I look it in the eyes one more time and resist his petrifying blow. Before I escape in shame let me throw one more dart... Nat 20. Dart hits the beast between the eyes and that is just enough to kill it. Guess I will have a basilisk stew today after all.

外围体育投注Now... All I have to do is find a DM and a party willing to play weird hours, negotiate a particular day off every week with menager and hope toddler will not be too much of disturbance, but I totally get it :D

PS. Oops... I think I cannot edit the title.

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外围体育投注So I formed a DnD group with my friends one of many times, and wanted to create a character that goes against the norm. Cut to my High Elf Forge Domain Cleric named Peren (his nickname was Perry). His backstory was that he used to be a highly renowned blacksmith who would create exceedingly powerful magic weapons.

外围体育投注But that came to a sharp end when his creations ended up in the wrong hands, or the wielders became corrupt over time. Every villain that perverted Perry's masterpieces ended up forming the BBEG: A Cabal of every other character's backstory nemeses. Here's the real kicker: every party member's goal was, in one way or another, to get that weapon their nemesis was using. And Perry's reason for adventuring was to destroy all magic weapons.

外围体育投注This came to head multiple times with my party members. Our Half-Orc Barbarian (HOB) wanted to return his chosen weapon (a powerful +3 Great Sword that could grant temporary undeath for five rounds to kill your enemy) to his father's grave.

外围体育投注Our Gnome Ranger (GR) wanted to take his chosen weapon (A +1 Scythe that could take a life to restore life to a recently deceased) so they could resurrect their parents.

And lastly, our Human Fighter (HF) wanted to take his chosen weapon (A +3 Glaive that could give 5 temporary hit points per kill, not stacked) for glory in battle.

Perry would get into heated debates every time a member talked about getting that sweet sweet weapon that they wanted.

外围体育投注HF: "When I get that Glaive, I'll be a legend! I can't wait to kill the bastards and take what's mine!" (He wasn't a murderhobo, he just lived for the fight)

Perry: "I mean, that's a nice goal and all. But that Glaive's getting smelted down into doorknobs when we get it."

a few heated remarks later

HF: "Why do you insist on destroying these weapons!? You can make ANY weapon that you want! You just want them all for yourself!"

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So me and a few of my close friends have been playing a Pathfinder 1.0 homebrew campaign for about 2 and a half years now. Our DM has been running games for about 10 years, and at the beginning we got so into it that we were playing on average 1 or 2 weekly sessions. As months went by, it started getting increasingly difficult to schedule games due to everyone schedules, and at this point we hadn’t played in over a month, and were eager to get back into it as soon as possible. On the night before a local holiday, we got together, had dinner and started playing at 10pm, ready for a long night of questing.

Our campaign was very undead-centric, with the BBEG being a powerful lich, hell-bent on taking over the entire know world, and especially Daeron, the city we were all based in, and where we had started a republican revolution. Our DM liked to challenge his players, and even though it was never his intention to kill off PCs, most of our current characters were not the ones we started out with. This lead to some interesting story moments, especially since our DM always required us to really fill out each of our characters’ backstory and motivations, to the point where he even sent us a 4 page guide to help us do so.

One of our players’ first characters, a human monk named Amon, had died a while ago, in a totally preventable death caused by how drunk we would get in our earlier sessions. We buried him in a field of flowers, and We set out, some time after his death, to a monastery run by some monks belonging to a sister order of Amon’s, in order to stock up on Mango-red, a type of tobacco that Amon always brought with him, and that was the main product of his order. Some of the mango monasteries had been  corrupted by the lich’s influence, and we had freed this monastery from the undead’s grasp in a previous arc.

This tobacco had become so important to our group’s identity that it had even brought us our party name, the Mango-roses, and our supplies had been running low, even with the massive amount Amon had left with us before his death. Our party at this consisted of a human ranger (and his companion wolf, who the ranger only referred to as “my brother”), a dwarf druid with a small fern as a companion, a dwarf ranger with a massive crossbow, a human bombardier alchemist and myself, a Halfling solar oracle. Out of these five, only me and the alchemist had been in the party long enough to remember Amon, as the alchemist had been her player’s first character, and my oracle was my third character, but appeared in the 5th session we had (it was that kind of game).

外围体育投注The monks at the monastery we visited were very happy to meet some adventurers, as their plants require a bowl of sacred water to be brought in from another nearby monastery. The process was usually a coming of age ceremony for young monks, but the rising of the lich had made them wary of sending out their younger more corruptible monks into the wilds for the holy water. We were already friends with the monks, so we were then sent out to collect some holy water in a holy bowl in order to feed their mango-red plants.

The trip to the monastery was uneventful, with solid survival checks and smooth travelling. When we got there, we were greeted by two monks, wearing blindfolds, standing guard at the monastery gate. After we informed them of our mission, they took the bowl from us and returned a few minutes later, the bowl filled to the brim with water. The more perceptive members of our party realized something was off, but our sense motive checks failed to notice that anything was amiss. We then promptly took the bowl, careful not to spill any of the “holy” water contained within and started heading back. Our alchemist (who had taken a level in investigator early in the game), though the entire situation was strange, but didn’t really press the issue as we started heading back.

The trip back started out as uneventful as the trip to the monastery, but we started noticing our DM sneakily checking his phone, and jotting down some notes.  We knew something was off, but we tried our best to act in character, and, soon enough, and out of nowhere, a troll came out of the forest and proceeded to attack us. The combat wasn’t very challenging, but our DM made a show of having the horses be spooked, and start to run off with the bowl of water we left in the cart as we fought. After some trick-riding antics by our crossbow ranger, we defeated the troll but, to our dismay, the fight had upset our precious bowl, spilling its contents all over the floor of our cart. The alchemist pointed out at this point that the monks must have tricked us into walking away with a bowl of regular water, and that we had to head back and force them to give us what we needed to finish our quest. My character (remember, an oracle), started going on a monologue, denouncing out scientifically minded alchemist about ow he didn’t understand the true meaning of ritual, and that the holiness of the affair was lost to small minds like his. The monologue turned into an argument, as me and the other player began a huge discussion, that involved the other party members taking sides. I would like to note here that this didn’t generate any animosity between any of the players, as we were all genuinely happy to roleplay our characters in the best way possible, over dinks. 

After this holy chastisement, and a night’s sleep, we started heading back to the monastery, as we were still in need of water to finish our quest. When we got there, the monks received us with instant violence, dissatisfied that we were bothering them again. 

外围体育投注In pathfinder, Oracles are spontaneous divine casters, basically a sorcerer to the cleric’s wizard, an in return for holy powers they also get a curse. This curse starts out as a serious drawback, but over the course of the game, a PC starts getting a few benefits to offset this curse. My curse was one called “Powerless Prophecy”, which made it so I would rarely be able to act in the first turn of combat, but would receive a small insight related to the upcoming battle. The drawback is that since you have no actions on the first turn, so you can’t convey the message to your allies, who might be in need of assistance in a surprise round. The DM handed me a small piece of paper with two words: “two more”. 

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