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There's another thread on this topic, but just for background, cardiologist Dr. Norman Wang wrote an academic article that lightly questions the use of affirmative action in medical school and residency. He references data that show that Asians are held to a much higher standard than for whites and other minorities at all levels. Then, just this week, an online mob decided to smear him for being a racist by purposefully misquoting him. Most probably didn't bother to read his paper at all. It's summarized here:

Dr. Wang's university immediately caved and removed him from a prestigious position. I've been sad an angry all day, but then I realized I could just write Dr. Wang a letter of support. If you have any kind words for him, I'm sure he'd be glad to hear from you. (wangnc@upmc.edu). I got a brief reply, and it made me feel better to know that we're not alone out here.

However, we are still pretty much powerless. I wrote a letter in support of Dr. Wang to the department chair (sabas@upmc.edu外围体育投注), but I doubt it will do much. I would caution our community that sending angry or hateful email to Norm's bosses is probably counter-productive to the cause, so if you can maintain a positive message, try to do so. I think it's appropriate to emphasize that as Asians, we experience racism and share many of the same experiences of being a minority in America as our Black and Brown brothers and sisters. And that it's wrong for us to be scapegoated by today's cancel culture.

I'm not sure what else we can do. All I know is that we need to support each other more than ever in these dangerous times. Peace and love.

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Not surprised this is in the greater Bay Area either.

Glad that Asian Brother stood his ground and told him to STFU.

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外围体育投注With regards to the recent videos that came out of Jeph Loeb shutting down certain Daredevil plots because 'Nobody cares about Asians', here's a music video to a song that came out a few years ago that really speaks to the yellowface in Hollywood. Btw Will Jay is a legit amazing artist so throw him some love too!

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外围体育投注It's a sad fact that sometimes we asians let white, black and latino people get away with abhorrent behavior while being overly judgemental and aggressive towards our fellow asians. We as asians will jump on another asian doing anything that remotely stands out yet we let other groups behave as they want.

外围体育投注Can you imagine an asian acting like an entitled Karen at a restaurant, screaming and hollering over the most minor inconvenience? Or some asians yelling racist remarks at a random elderly grandma in a city street and cackling like hyenas? Ask yourself, would you accept this kind of childish behavior if the person was asian? Most likely you would not. We expect asians to behave with a certain level of common sense and respect yet we allow others to act like immature children throwing tantrums and acting like idiots.

If you know any asians like this, there is a mental trick they can do when you encounter this kind of rude behavior. Look at the white/black/latino person acting rude and simply imagine them with an asian face. Then ask yourself, if this person was asian, would I be angry at how they are acting right now? This will trigger a mental switch and you will realize you have a tendency to let things slide based on skin color. I recommend this mental trick to some asians to help them break out of this mindset.

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At this point, I'm not even sure why there's no side bar or a perma stickied post for a cookie cutter response to anti-asian racism but here's what you do if you come across a racist at a public establishment.

  1. 外围体育投注Ask them to repeat themselves - sternly but not aggressively. This is the one chance they get to either apologize, pretend they said nothing as they cower away, or clear up some miscommunication (it happens).

99% of the time, if there was an honest miscommunication, the default response is just confusion.

  • 外围体育投注"what?"

  • "uhh i didnt say anything"

I've had times where I thought someone WAS saying shit to me, and i just asked "what was that?" and the guy immediately apologetically retorted: "sorry pay no mind, i was just muttering to myself". As soon as they have an apology of some sort and dont continue, you're good.

99% of the time, if the response is something along the lines of, "mind your own business", then you respond with, "did you tell me to go back to China?" (or whatever it was you thought u heard).

外围体育投注AGAIN, an honest miscommunication would result in them saying, "omg what? no i'd never say that". Look for the reaction - it should be of genuine shock if they really didnt say what u thought they said.

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外围体育投注19m and I really want to get the fuck out of the UK, I see no future for me here it's a boring depressing shithole. For context I'm going into 2nd year university here doing accounting and finance in a relatively prestigious university.

Despite the horror stories I've heard from Asian guys living in north America there is no way it's worse than the UK and at the very least I bet it's not as boring (plus girls here are awful not just for Asian guys but for all guys).

外围体育投注Right now I don't care about rent prices/living costs or how realistic it is for me to move to any of these cities, I'm just wondering what city would be the best for me and what sort of experiences you guys have had if you've lived in any of these cities.

Please don't give me the cliché answer of "doesn't matter what city you go to bro, just work on yourself" that's partly true ofc but we all know location is pretty important.

Main thing I want from a city is just for it -to not be boring,

  • be relatively social (I'm not that into nightlife, I'm just talking about ease of making new friends) -and have a good dating scene. Idrc which race Asian, white, Latina, black whatever.

  • 外围体育投注I'd prefer weather that's not overly warm but that's more of a nitpick.

  • And obviously I'd prefer as little racism as possible.

From some research I've done I heard that cities with too many asians isn't necessarily a good thing because you wouldn't be seen as different and people will lump you together with fobs but cities with too few Asians are more racist towards Asians. Also cities with a big emphasis on "moving up the social ladder" or "keeping up the Joneses" are bad. And lastly I heard overly liberal cities aren't good for us either.


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