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Is it illegal to say Fuck and use the middle finger? Not looking for ethics, strictly legal. If a bus drives down and I scream “Fuck public busses and the metro” and flip the bus a bird, can I be cited for any laws?


外围体育投注My car (with only 8,000 miles on it) was at the dealership getting the AC compressor looked at for clunking noise. The manager approached me in the waiting room letting me know about the accident and that they would fix the car to be "good as new". Except now the car has been in an accident, is worth significantly less, and will never be good as new in terms of it's worth. If it is, why don't they sell it new? I told him I would need to go home and that I'm not taking the car with me and I don't plan on it in the future. I need a new car. He didn't seem receptive at all.

外围体育投注It needs three new doors, windows, two new rims, among other things.

This mistake is not mine. I purchased a new car and handed over an almost new car. Now they want to give me a lemon with likely misalignment to the frame, and mechanical problems for years to come (much more likely with a car in a crash). Do people safely drive cars like that? Sure. Salvage titles happen all the time. But that is disclosed (mostly) and it is sold at a fairly significant discount (usually 2k+).

So now I would be out a car for weeks and it would be worth 2k less. If I'm not mistaken the dealership needs to eat this, they were negligent here, their lift failed. I should not be liable to eat their mistake. If it is good as new, then they can sell it as new and offer me a new car to replace the new car I gave them. I don't even care if it has higher mileage. I just don't want one that's been in a crash, like mine now has been.

外围体育投注I signed an arbitration agreement saying that pretty much anything to do with my car (credit agreement, car itself, etc) must be settled through a third party arbitrator and not through a court of law.

外围体育投注Is this final? Have I waived any right at all for any legal action outside of what an arbitrator (that they choose, that works with them) decides? Not to mention, the arbitration fees are immense just to start that process, where I can only imagine I will not get what I am seeking in the first place.

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I was approached by a security guard at my apartment complex who wanted to identify me as I was opening the door to my apartment. I ignored him and told him to call the police if he feels I'm not a resident here. When he came near me I could smell alcohol on his breath and has dark shades on at 10 p.m. In the morning I went to the property manager's Office to file a complaint on him and she refused accept it and shrugged nonchalantly. So I asked what company does he work for and what's his Superior's number being that he doesn't wear a uniform and just wears all black and a bulletproof vest, she refused again. I want to know do I have a right to this information and how can I go about forming a complaint or taking legal action. I don't feel safe with an armed security guard at my residence not knowing if he's licensed or not especially one that comsumes alcohol on the job.

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My brother was born abroad, but I was born on American soil. I want to apply for him to become a citizen. Is that possible?

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外围体育投注My stepsons mother recently became homeless, resulting in him staying with us for the last month or so. After speaking with him my husband and I have decided that it is in his best interest to live with us for a variety of reasons. There is one glaring problem however.

We are unable to get ahold of or locate my stepson's mother. She is not answering calls, nor is my stepdaughter who was still with her last we checked. She left us no address, basically just gave us my stepson and didn't contact us again. What can we do? We have no physical or legal custody whatsoever despite him coming over weekly. I am under the impression both parents need to be involved when filing for custody.

外围体育投注Thank you for your time.

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My sister is gifting me her car. She lives in Alberta, Canada and the car has plates from Alberta, Canada. She's driving it down to Vancouver, BC. At which point, I will receive a bill of sale from her (as a gift) and attempt to drive it down to Washington State.

The CBP website only says that it needs to have foreign registration, it doesn't say specifically that it has to be registered under my name, but this is such an odd situation. I don't live in BC, so it doesn't make sense to register the car in BC under my name just to bring it down to Washington where I will register it, does it?

Additional details:

  • 外围体育投注I've managed to get it insured from Washington State under my name and my sister currently is an additional driver

  • I'm a US-resident currently quarantining in Vancouver, and I am allowed to cross the border to go home in the States

Here's the page I found:


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I need help understanding my options, posting from Georgia, United States

My brother is an addict, he has had multiple DWI's in the past 2 years, is currently on probation and court ordered rehab. He has sole, legal, custody of his son, my nephew. My nephew came home from school yesterday to my house, as he normally does during the school year. We had found out earlier that day that my brother may have been violent against his GF, so we had already planned for my nephew to stay the night. Brother came by to try to get his son, and was high as a kite. There were words exchanged and he was told he would not take my nephew with him while high. He left.

外围体育投注Fast forward to today: Brother's GFs mom calls and tells us that he OD'd over the weekend and that he was doing drugs around my nephew. Brother calls us today, so high he can't even talk. Tried to come pick up his son, again incredibly high, nodding out on the couch while his son talks to him. Verbal altercation (away from child) and he is told he will not drive with his child while high. He asks his son if he wants to go home or stay the night again, he begs to stay the night again and brother finally leaves.

Here's the question: What options do I have to keep my brother from taking my nephew while on drugs? I am contemplating calling his PO tomorrow and telling them that he OD'd this weekend, is still using drugs and driving, and I am scared for him to harm himself or others. He also missed his court ordered outpatient rehab today. Would that be good recourse here? I'm happy to file all guardianship paperwork to gain legal custody of my nephew, but we really want to avoid DFCS just because my nephew's mother is just as bad and we don't want to risk her getting custody of him.

What should I do?

Tl:dr brother is a drug addict trying to drive with a minor in the car and using drugs around the minor. Do I call his probation officer for the violation? What other options are there?

外围体育投注Thanks in advance!


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