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Questions for parents


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20M, graduated 2 years ago. For me, I was basically an autistic loner, plus some family drama that had already been going on for years(mom started having issues with her then boyfriend at the time). I was VERY socially awkward in middle school, then my family moved and there were still quite a few things I didn't understand about making friends or which things were socially acceptable. Even when I did find some common ground with some folks later on, what I found is that in HS once you move past freshman year people tend to have their friend groups picked out, especially if they carry over from middle school. I was never bullied or faced outright ostracization but there just wasn't the same openness as the grade levels went up. Never went to football games(I thought they weren't much as I heard folks just went to take Instagram pics), tried wrestling once, but wasn't in good shape at the time so didn't try out long. Did writing club for awhile and tried drama, they were ok but still felt like they were supposed to be more meaningful or something.

外围体育投注Eventually I graduated and the fact I didn't date, or have a license till just before senior year ended, or basically have what was shown to me via TV and movies since I was a kid bugged me and had made me somewhat bitter. I did try to keep in touch with some people but aside from initially a small handful of folks wouldn't get replies when messaging on IG. Now the folks I did initially spend a bit of time with afterwards we don't talk anymore. But as time went on, HS began to feel more irrelevant even though both my parents at one point said it was the best years of your lfie and I had missed out on the ''high school experience''. My dad had grown up in the inner city but got into basketball in school and became popular with teachers cutting him slack and students doing schoolwork for him. Got a scholarship initially, but then hurt his knee and then came other bumps in the road in life down to him meeting my mom, having me and my sister and the years of arguing and dysfunction that would follow. My mom still has the occasional rant about how kids today play video games and stuff but when she was a teenager ''you couldn't fine me at home, we were at the mall and the movies or drove all the way to the beach''.

外围体育投注Also, with the occasional former classmate I have talked too as given some more perspective. Back when doing Judo at my local community college, one of the fellow students(tall stocky dude with beard, nice guy) had gone to my school apparently, and when discussing this with him he straight up said, ''don't judge friendships off of high school because everyone is immature.'' Another girl I saw at CC when I asked her if she missed HS and she said no, she simply said ''it was just a bunch of drama''. One girl I had had art with had been a cheerleader, but when getting in touch with her earlier in the pandemic, she had actually not really had a great time in high school either, saying it was the worst part of her life actually since I guess something had happened with friends iirc.

外围体育投注So all this in mind, it has given me some perspective that alot of people, even some of those you might assume otherwise didn't really enjoy high school much despite what pop culture has drilled into many people. And really, it seems the term ''peaking'' could describe some people who make the claim that they are the best years of your life. 4 years out of 70-80, and they are the years when aside from some exceptions, you don't have much money and know next to jack-shit about real life. Personally I look forward to my desired career of being a park ranger. Hiking, helping people, cruising in my own state issued truck, catching poachers. That beats shitty drama and math class any day.

外围体育投注Thoughts? Is this really something that teens should be told and expected?

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You see, I'm trans (FtM) and my mom doesn't accept it. She said to ask any parents if they would accept it either, so here I am. Well, I would like to know what any of you would do if your kid was transgender. Would you accept it and support it?

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外围体育投注Ok here is the deal guys, im (25F) currently talking to a guy i actually met on here. I live with my parents and they are and have always been cautious of meeting people you’ve met online. They are still convinced everyone you talk to is going to kidnap you if you meet them in person. Anyways like i said ive been talking to a guy and its still really new, my plan is that if we are still talking in two weeks it will be a month and i want to met him in person. I am not going to mention him to my parents until we are official if it gets to that point.

I know they are going to want to ask 20 so i would like to know what they are going to ask, so i can be prepared and find out myself. We are still in the whole learning/ getting to know each other stage.

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外围体育投注I (19F) have participated in two local pageants for two years. You could be crowned Miss (City), then Miss (State), then Miss (Country), and so on. When you do these pageants, you have a platform which is an issue you would like to address and educate people on. I did mental health the past two years. However since the pandemic, the next pageant will be in 2022 when I’m 21. I will change my platform to LGBTQ+ Rights because I’m tired of the discrimination. I hid it from my parents for awhile because they don’t support it. One day I got really emotional because my dad got “weirded out” by a transgender boy who applied to my workplace and I told him that my next pageant platform is LGBTQ+ Rights. He was not a fan, like at all. I kind of regret telling him so early. Keep in mind that my parents are mid sixties though so that may say something. In the pageant we also have a talent portion. I’m doing drag as my talent. I will dress up as a man and perform to Bet On It from High School Musical 2 because that song is about turning your life around and that’s my goal. I started doing drag not too long ago. I first asked my parents if I could do it because I was offered and they said “so you’re gonna tell them you’re not gonna do it right?” I completely ignored that and did it anyway. I am now known as one of the most talented drag stars in my town after my first show and was demanded encore after encore and earned $171 in tips after three songs, in which I have donated a portion. At the pageant I won’t collect tips but I will do all of Zac Efron’s choreography. This will be my way of coming out to my parents that I’m doing drag. Another thing about the pageant is that I finally will come out as queer to everyone including my parents. This will be during the evening gown portion. You walk on stage, say a statement about your platform and walk off. I will say my statement and then come out by holding up my pride flag and explaining everything in front of 500 people. I feel like if I come out to my parents beforehand, it will only kill my confidence for the pageant which is the number one thing you need. I really hope I win this pageant because if I do, it’ll be less likely I’ll get kicked out of my house. If I lose, I’ll be pretty scared to confront my parents afterwards. What do you think?

TL;DR queer daughter who does drag plans to show off her talents and come out to you on stage at a beauty pageant, but you don’t know she had been doing drag or that she’s queer and she’s using the pageant to come out to you but you don’t support LGBTQ+ Rights

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外围体育投注I have no idea why, but our son goes into nearly inconsolable tears whenever someone's head is covered and they try to engage him. Baseball caps, beanies, sweater hoods... you name it. I've always worn my hair down since he was born and my husband is not a hat guy, so I imagine it's as simple as a lack of familiarity.

We recently had to choose a new doctor for my son due to his original doctor retiring, and the new doctor is a wonderful turkish woman who just so happens to wear a hijab.

Our son has his one year appointment coming up next week, and I'm worried that it's going to be an all-out spell during that first meeting.

外围体育投注I'm just wondering if there's anything I can do to prepare him for something new like this? Should we start wearing hats and head covers for the next week to familiarize him with it? Or, should we just let it be what it is and help him deal with the stress as it comes?

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I’m having my forth child in March..I’m married just in case that matters and my husband is so for a big family...I just don’t know some days I just want to keep it at an equal number and focus on the kids I currently have. I feel so bad because if I proceed I know I could never have anymore kids and I would feel less than. BTW I am 23


外围体育投注He’s 10 months and crawling like a champ. He’s pulling up but not yet walking. I don’t want to mess him up with shoes if it’s not necessary. It’s super hot where we live, and he just had his first day of daycare today. When do you usually put shoes on your kid? Also, he had very wide Barney Rubble feet, so I don’t think they’d be comfortable. I got him some socks that fit up to 2T but they’re too small. I don’t want to send him barefoot if that’s not the norm though. TIA!


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