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Which subreddit was so toxic that you left and don’t regret it? by pizzagamer35 in AskReddit

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外围体育投注Goodbye, I can't take it anymore. When you're reading this I am already dead.

EDIT: Thanks for the gold kind stranger

If you got offered $1,000,000 but it meant that every traffic light you approach will be red, would you take it? Why or why not? by EUCopyrightComittee in AskReddit

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I had a friend that used to do this all the time. He was a dick. He once told me “every time I’ve ever had a Twinkie, there hasn’t been any cream inside.” I thought that was about the stupidest thing I’d ever heard, so he went into a gas station. He came out with Twinkies and bit into them. I swear there was no cream in either one, it was so bizarre. I suspect this was God’s way of punishing him for driving like a dick.

Men of Reddit, would yourather never have sex again or never cuddle again and why? by backuppumpkin in AskReddit

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外围体育投注I would give up sex, for a cuddle and hand stuff. I don’t think there’s a higher form of intimacy than cuddling. Holding that very special person, and realising that she is my home.

What Video Game was 100% amazing from start to finish? by Beamer48 in AskReddit

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I still get real joy out of Skyrim. I played Oblivion but none of the other games tbh. Even though it has been meme'd to hell, the opening of Skyrim still manages to take my breath away. Even when Alduin is replaced by Thomas the Tank Engine

Window cleaners of Reddit, what are your stories you witnessed on the job? by camelreiter in AskReddit

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外围体育投注Allister if you're reading this...

I am NOT a Window Cleaner

[Serious] Redditors from Lebanon or Beirut, how are you after the horrific explosion in the city? by Iron_Wolf123 in AskReddit

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I'm posting this here for it to get more attention/visibility, but I've been reading a lot about people that keep seeing/ replaying the explosion in their head.

外围体育投注This is the time to try and avoid creating a strong connection in your brain by distracting your mind so that it doesn't have an opportunity to build these connections which can then lead to PTSD and flashbacks.

外围体育投注A study with tetris and car crashes was very successful in doing this. It is also a technique used in dialectical behavioural therapy.

外围体育投注 Play tetris. Play candy crush. Play something relaxing that will take your mind away from replaying the event.

I'll post some articles on this in an edit.

外围体育投注Hope this works for some of you!

Ps-not a psychologist but I have done research for myself. I also use tetris for my BPD when my emotions are too overwhelming. It's an intervention that works.

Edit: This is not a claim that you will not develop PTSD. It is merely a possible support/helpful tip with little if no side effects, just to help deal with intrusive images of the explosion.

外围体育投注Therapy will be helpful, support networks, healthy coping with emotions (no alcohol), and making sure it works for you and not to your detriment.

外围体育投注Emotional regulation techniques are important as a fix for a symptom, not a cure for mental illness. It is possible to overuse the techniques which can reduce or eliminate their impact.

[Serious] Redditors from Lebanon or Beirut, how are you after the horrific explosion in the city? by Iron_Wolf123 in AskReddit

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外围体育投注There is only one main road standing between my house and the port. Thankfully, I left the apartment ten minutes before to meet a friend, saw the fire, and thought it was something casual. Walked one street away (so one more layer of building away from the port) and sat and ordered some food outdoors. A few minutes later, we hear very loud rumbling, stand up to see what’s happening from a better angle, and boom. The scariest moment in my life was seeing the blast come my way and not knowing what will happen next. My first impulse was to run away from buildings, my friend’s impulse was to run into them to hide; so we ran in opposite directions. And then, glass and pebbles fell on me, and everything was covered in dust. I got minor wounds, and went with my friend to check on her boyfriend who lives nearby. Apartment was full of blood and we couldn’t find him. Even in those moments I looked at her and said: "You just got the full Beirut experience!", to which she responded: "Yes, I’m definitely ready to leave." She went to the nearest hospital to see if her boyfriend was there, and found out that he was transported to another hospital further from Beirut. I called my mom, and the moment she responds she is crying. She lives somewhat far but was worried about me and was glad I’m alive. I went back to check on my house, and the streets were like a war scene. People running everywhere and screaming, blood all over the place, rubble, and people fighting (someone parked to get someone injured, and blocked the way on another car wanting to take someone injured to the hospital). The stairs in my building were full of blood stains and screams. Doors on all floors are out of place. Reached the house and it has literally imploded on itself as all the windows were closed. So, the house is gone. The building next to mine had two floors blown away unto the street, with electricity lines on the street amid the rubble. I also lost my car in the process as rubble fell on it. As I was packing the essentials to leave my house, the neighbor above me told me a lady in the building had her neck broken and needed assistance. We call for an ambulance but no response; so we call my neighbor’s son in law. He says he’s on his way. I take my stuff and leave for my parent’s house. No cars anywhere near to take me. I walk for around a mile, and as I walk I see a beggar I always used to see nearby. He asks how he can reach North Lebanon where his family is, and asks for money to go there. Tells me his brother died as rubble fell on him from the building, and cries. I pass him some money, tell him we have all been horrified, and to take care. I find a taxi and go to my parent’s house. They cry when they see me come in.

I am still processing all what happened, and perhaps this is the reason I wrote this long comment. I can still feel the buzz in my ears, and watching the videos makes me shake on the inside. Lost everything, still processing.. still processing...

Edit: Some pictures I took during the incident

What Video Game was 100% amazing from start to finish? by Beamer48 in AskReddit

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Fucking loved Nox, still play it from time to time and miss the pvp....

What Video Game was 100% amazing from start to finish? by Beamer48 in AskReddit

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Easily the most interesting world in the Souls series, combat feels incredible, enemy design is top notch, the hard left turn into Lovecraftian cosmic horror was a great twist, tons of unique weapons. I bought my PS4 solely for Bloodborne and it was absolutely worth it.

How does the compliment "you're smart" make you feel? by urbanoxygen in AskReddit

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I'm a teacher who gets told I'm smart by students.

I always tell them, "No, I'm not, I just pay attention."

That usually gets them thinking. There's a myth that being "smart" is a feature like height or eye color. Yes biology does play a huge role in your higher level brain function and intelligence, but no more than it does your ability to play tennis or swing a baseball bat.

Yes, if you start playing tennis without a natural gift or aptitude you may not be beating Federer any time soon, but you can learn the sport, play well, and with dedication you can even become very good at it.

Same with "smarts" or what people see as smart. If you study a wide breadth of skills and disciplines, think critically, and be intellectually humble, you can also become "smart".

Intelligence isn't a magical, unattainable feature of some individuals, it's a muscle to be worked and skill to be honed.

How does the compliment "you're smart" make you feel? by urbanoxygen in AskReddit

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外围体育投注What's that line? "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt"? Words I live by.

For those saying Twain or Lincoln, , in English at least. Edit: And for those who are saying Maurice Switzer, apparently has him beat by a few thousand years.

Time to remove that doubt: thanks for the gold!

What Video Game was 100% amazing from start to finish? by Beamer48 in AskReddit

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Just felt like the entire game was a compact flawless experience that didn't overstay its welcome.

[Serious] Redditors from Lebanon or Beirut, how are you after the horrific explosion in the city? by Iron_Wolf123 in AskReddit

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I live just 2 miles away from where the explosion occurred. We live on the 10th floor of a high-rise building. My siblings and I were sitting on the balcony before the impact. I remember clearly feeling the earth shake and us calling out that there was an earthquake. We rushed into our living room only to hear the loudest bang I’ve ever experienced. My mother, who had seen the entire thing happen from the kitchen window, was hysterical. The moments after the deafening bang were followed by a gust of wind that shook all our windows, slammed all our doors, and shattered our neighboring buildings’ windows. My family was freaking out and unsure of what had just happened. The idea that this was the first act of war was on everyone’s minds. My younger sibling experienced a panic attack and my mother was inconsolable. I clearly remember feeling nothing, my emotions were empty, but I felt my knees shaking. I was so focused on making sure my family was okay that I didn’t give myself time to process. It wasn’t until after I had gone to bed till I realized how bad it was for me too. I had a nightmare about it that woke me up at 4am and any creak or thump in the night had me flinching. My family and I are physically safe, which is why we’re making a trip to donate blood for those who weren’t so lucky.

外围体育投注I wanted to end with the picture I a few minutes after and also link the for anyone able to donate!


外围体育投注Edit: I want to thank everyone for their support and amazingly kind words. I truly appreciate the impact that my post has had, but I need everyone to understand that what happened to me was lucky. There are families here who have had it so much worse. As more time passes, we truly realize how many lives have been affected by this incident. Many people have lost their families, friends, and their homes. My story shines a light on the perspective of the Lebanon that wasn’t in direct contact of the blast. However, I hope you use this as a small glimpse into what the true scope of the situation is and help in anyway that you can.

What Video Game was 100% amazing from start to finish? by Beamer48 in AskReddit

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HALO 2. Post credit cutscene hyped every gamer who played that.

What Video Game was 100% amazing from start to finish? by Beamer48 in AskReddit

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外围体育投注Dragon Age Origins. An absolute FANTASTIC game I would recommend to anyone. Definitely one of my top five games

What is a secret that you don’t mind telling to 29 million anonymous people but not to people you know? by shunyatleung in AskReddit

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I wish my sister had been unsuccessful at breaking in to where I was laying, hours away from death. Every single day the only thing I can remember with certainty (have amnesia from the brain damage) is that I was ready to die and was only upset that it was a shit way to go, I hadn't said my goodbyes, etc.

外围体育投注It wasn't even suicide. I was just sick. It would've been fine.

What Video Game was 100% amazing from start to finish? by Beamer48 in AskReddit

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Witcher3 IMO. It is also amazing after finished the game.