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外围体育投注For those with young families who may think about taking a long trip: We have traveled literally hundreds of thousands of miles (killed 2 vans with +200k miles) with a family of 2+kids from car carrier to drinking age. The best piece of advice we found by happenstance on a trip from FL to IL kids aged from toddler to preteen. We've since made it our rules, and it's worked out amazingly.

1 Always get out of the car to eat.

It started with a stop at a Krystals connected to a gas station. We sat and ate in the "restaurant". We realized coming back out, we were "ready to hit the road" again. That short 20 minute change of scenery completely changed out perspectives. We ended up at a sit down restaurant by dinner after realizing how cathartic it was.

2 Don't get hung up on how quickly you can get somewhere.

I have made the FL to IL trip more times than I can count. This time we decided, "You know, it's only a few more hours if we go via NC and OH. We've never been to those states AND we get to avoid Atlanta all together." That changed this from a long drive to a journey.

3 If it's going to be all day in the car. Start EARLY.

外围体育投注We went FL, GA, SC, NC, VA, WV, OH, IN to IL. in one day. However, we loaded the car the night before, and were pulling away from grandma's house at 6am. By the time the kids started stirring, we we already 3 hours away in another state.

外围体育投注All of this really comes down to one over-arching theme. Enjoy the journey. You already accepted it wouldn't be quick when you found out it would take "all day" (I think of 5+hours as "all day"). Now you just have to decide to enjoy the trip. Enjoy the conversations, enjoy the car games of I-spy, ABC's, who am I and 21 questions, and enjoy the endless wonderment of "How much longer?".

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Four months out of law school or so, I was becoming relatively desperate for work. I ended up applying fora firm that needed "immediate help" (LPT: that is generally going to be a red flag). I was told at the interview that I would do a variety of civil things pertaining to real property and estate planning. It was relatively vague but I needed a job and it would be good experience.

外围体育投注I spent my entire first day at the job learning how to foreclose on a claim of lien - that is a fancy way of saying that, if you violate the restrictive covenants (e.g. not paying yearly dues), the HOA is going to take your house away, sell it at auction for pennies on the dollar, take "their share" (meaning you are paying the exorbitant legal fees for the attorney that got paid to take your house away, and give you what little bit is remaining. I would learn that our firm represented over 100 HOA's in the surrounding area and my primary function was to take people's houses away.

House destroyed by a hurricane? Wife have terminal cancer? Your HOA very well may not care, at all. I've seen it. Oh boy, I have seen it. So, yeah, God forbid you end up on your last leg and then you are going to be paying for your HOA's attorneys to take your house away. Speaking of HOA attorneys, do you have any idea how much it costs the HOA to get an attorney to draft a letter saying someone's grass is too high? Easily in the ball park of a thousand dollars.

外围体育投注It is not just that the HOA will take your house. You are paying for someone to tell you how you can use your home. Oh, and speaking of paying, most restrictive covenants permit exponential increases in annual assessments and "special assessments" for basically any amount at any time, regardless of whether the money actually increases your property value.

I could whine all day but there is one more thing: never, ever, ever, take someone's word that the HOA isn't very active so it is not an issue. All it takes is one nosey neighbor to attend a handful of meetings and next thing you know she will have your HOA paying tens of thousands of dollars to some attorney to make sure your cancer struck neighbor loses their house without regard for the fact they finished paying their mortgage ten years ago.

One more thing while I am at it. I live in a town where it is next to impossible, to find a home built after 1990 without an HOA. The only strong pro-HOA argument is that HOAs preserve property value. Well, guess what, when the rest of society catches on and realizes what a plague these things are, people are going to be paying a premium to get away from HOAs and the non-HOA neighborhoods will reflect that.

Edit: Sorry, I know this came off as one sided (deservedly so in my opinion) but I should add. HOAs make sense in a few scenarios: any time a shared roof is at play (condos); you are rich and just don't care about frivolous expenditures; vacation homes; or for elderly people it may be nice to have a set community structure with the amenities. Regardless, there is probably a more suitable non-HOA for all of these options except for maybe the shared roof thing. At a minimum though, please understand what you are doing before you sign on.

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"I have tinnitus and it is high pitched synthesiser and it's all the time. The rest of my life. I am a former 0311 marine (infantry). Open your mouth if you see a shockwave and cover your ears. Also turn away" — u/toolfan73

Comment about the explosion that happened on Beirut, Lebanon. Stay safe everyone!

More LPTs from the comments:

"And step away from the window asap. Stop filming and hide!" — u/angeAnonyme

"They tought me in the army to be on my elbows and knees, facing away from the explosion, abdomen not touching the ground, put your thumbs in your ears, your fingers over your eyes, and open your mouth.

It is to prevent intestinal, ear, and lung damage caused by explosives, oh and to prevent your eyes from leaving the sockets." — u/xyrt123

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外围体育投注I learned that the hard way. Just fyi I understand how well water conducts heat. It's just something you don't think of at the time

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外围体育投注I know these people mean well, but "how's the job hunt going?" , Is a shit question to have to answer regularly when it's not going well

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Why is that? Intuitively, it makes sense that sharing your current salary will let the company know that they shouldn't low-ball you, right?

Nope! This is the wrong number to think about. Instead, think about what it would take for you to leave, and communicate that to your prospective employer. If the company is willing to meet those expectations, then you'll be able to move forward; if not, then the conversation will stop with no harm done.

外围体育投注Your current salary is, in negotiation parlance, an anchor that is used to provide a starting point for negotiations - a company wants you to start at your current salary and negotiate up rather than starting at your goal salary and negotiating down. By starting at your goal salary and negotiating down, you then anchor the company at your number. In essence, you change the balance of power.

This is particularly important for women and minority applicants, who are still paid less than their market value. A lower-than-market-value current salary, when used as an anchor, will translate to a lower-than-market-value future salary, perpetuating unfairness.


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