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外围体育投注I’m a 33 y/o female, who for the last 10 years has had occasional painful or difficult swallowing. It used to be a rare occurence, but over the last two years has been happening just about daily.

外围体育投注What happens is that I’ll be eating something kind of starchy- bread, pasta, rice etc, and while chewing I slowly feel my throat tense up, but by then the food is already stuck in my throat. The muscles tense up and I can’t get the food up or down. I kind of arch my neck, look up at the ceiling to elongate the muscles and this sometimes helps to relax enough so that the food will move. It usually comes up, rather than down and is a wad of food followed by copious amounts of clear, watery mucous. Sorry for the TMI.

My question to you is, are these the symptoms any of you have had and end up being diagnosed with achalasia? My PCP is treating me for what she is sure is acid reflux, though I don’t feel that’s what it is. I’ve suspected achalasia for quite some time, but did not suggest this to my PCP as I didn’t want to be someone who self diagnoses..I had a barium swallow today (freakin awful and now I feel like a I have a 5 lb ball of lead in my abdomen). The radiologist who did it said that it was normal.

If this does sound similar to your symptoms, and you do have a confirmed diagnosis of achalasia, how did you come to that diagnosis?

Thanks for reading!

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外围体育投注I’m going to be having surgery soon, and it sounds like it’s going to be the Heller Myotomy as my insurance will not approve of the POEM surgery.

外围体育投注Has anyone had experience with both of these surgeries? Is there one you prefer?

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For me, it was realizing that dipping everything on sauce/hot chocolate/ any other liquid, helped to pass food.

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外围体育投注As always, scouring the internet proves unhelpful.

外围体育投注I'm almost 25 and underwent the POEM procedure last November. Everything has been fairly smooth sailing since then. I still get esophegeal spasms from time to time, but my surgeon said that's still going to happen since the condition doesn't go away (it's just mitigated). I can swallow fine for the most part, but the final third of my esophagus' nerves are completely out of commission. Very rarely does anything get stuck. I've been trying to chew slower, and not dump liquids down my gullet.

外围体育投注Anyway, my wife and I are considering going dairy free because I've been dealing with burping and excessive gas lately. So there's one of two things I need to troubleshoot:

  1. I had a candida infection before and after my surgery, so I suspect that could be causing the issues with burping lately.

  2. I could also be lactose intolerant. It's never violently uncomfortable, but I experience regular bouts with inflammation in my body.

外围体育投注Have any of you suffered from this condition and also been lactose intolerant? What has you experience been like?

For extra flavor: I can eat fine. But after a certain threshhold I feel like I've over eaten (usually if I eat too quickly). I feel like I used to when I had issues with regurgitation, but nothing ever threatens to comes up (hint one that it's inflammation). Occasionally, I find that my saliva gets stuck somewhere in my esophagus, so when I DO regurgitate it's just a pitiful amount of saliva bubbles. And I mean like a dime size (hint two it's inflammation or candida).

TL;DR: I still have weird achalasia symptoms after my POEM, and I think it might be inflammation caused by candida or lactose intolerance.

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Hey there, my brother got a balloon dilation today . They said biopsy results would come in two weeks . It’s hard for me to watch him get so skinny he was already skinny prior to dealing with this “supposed” achalasia , but now he’s sitting at 83 lbs at 5 foot 6 inches, going into his final year in high school . My mom has been worried the past few weeks, but I’m hoping the balloon dilation provides relief .

Are there any tips on how I can help & what foods he can eat . Thank you for all you’re responses

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Hey everybody. I’m new to this Achalasia thing. I haven’t been 100% diagnosed yet, but I think I’m on the verge. The GI doc was pretty sure it was Achalasia when he did an endoscopy, and ordered a barium study to confirm things.

Being able to watch what my esophagus was doing (or not doing in this case) was fascinating at first. But then it dawned on me that this important part of my body is now effectively dead and can’t be fixed, and it’s left me with a feeling of just loss, honestly. Like I’ve had a friend die or something.

As for my current condition, thankfully water will push almost any food down. It’s a little annoying how much water I need to be able to eat without choking/regurgitation, but it is what it is and I’m glad water works for me. My esophagus/LES will even allow me to basically chug water which is a godsend for just clearing out anything left over after a meal.

Probably the most annoying thing for me though is what Achalasia does when I’m asleep. Even when I haven’t had food for hours before bed, all the saliva I swallow while asleep just sits there and then I regularly wake up coughing and spluttering from it. This is the biggest concern I have at the moment.

So a few questions.

  • With how water works for me currently to push food down and flush everything in, is it likely that my condition will eventually worsen to where this will no longer be the case?

  • In your experience, am I at a point right now where it makes sense to get a surgery for this? I’m still able to eat somewhat normally with lots of water, have no acid reflux, etc... would the surgery help with my nighttime issues or anything else? I’m just trying to gauge risk/benefit here.

  • One thing ive noticed is that my singing voice is no longer what it was. I can no longer sing as loud or hit higher notes I used to be able to hit. I believe this is just because I always wake up with a sore throat from coughing and regurgitating and my throat/voice is just irritated from that without getting a chance to fully recover, but I still have this worry in the back of my mind that maybe something about Achalasia itself has just messed up my voice a little? Some insight on this would be swell, if any of you have noticed similar.

  • Is Achalasia ever one smaller symptom of a larger problem affecting more of the body or is it just localized to having an esophagus that doesn’t function correctly?

外围体育投注Thanks everybody for your support.

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外围体育投注I was diagnosed with Achalasia at age 9, have had one heller myotomy and 7 stretchings now. In the past five months I’ve lost over 20 pounds and the doctor told me five days ago I would need another heller myotomy, a revised version.

I have been so fed up and I decided to try my absolute hardest to avoid the surgery again, because it’s a never ending cycle. So I started a 3,000 calorie a day diet. I want to share how I’ve been doing it with you all even if it only helps one person.

外围体育投注I went out and bought a food processor and have been grinding all of my food down, mostly grilled chicken, beef, brisket, pork, everything. I get around 1,500 calories a day from this. I drink 3 protein shakes a day and that’s around 800. Then I drink two Carnation Breakfast Essentials a day and that’s around 525 with whole milk. The rest I get from drinking milk and eating small solids here and there. It’s definitely tough, but I’m already seeing weight gain. I like to think of my esophagus as an hourglass and grinding the food helps it go down tremendously. I hope this can help some of you! 3,000 calories a day is definitely enough to pack weight on fast!

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2009 - 18 years old 2020 - 20 years old 2021 - 29 years old

外围体育投注Sooooo I first had symptoms in 2009 and four months later I was regurgitating every meal. It seemed like I would "eat" enough food to the point that my throat would expel it violently. Fast forward and I was ordered dilatation twice. Both times I saw minimal results so I went for heller myotomy with tupor fundoplication. That was in 2011. I never could eat without water at every bite and even then it hurts when the food passes through the sphincter to my stomach.

Fast forward ten years and it's now 2021. The pain from the muscle spasms has come back with increasing frequency and I started occasionally regurgitating. What got me back to the doctor is the pain was coming every night and preventing sleep. I got in to my GI doctor and he ran the usual tests. The manometry came back at 0% motility. I go tomorrow to get the deep dive appointment with the results. But what is concerning is that the doctor himself called me to ask the surgeons name from before so he could go ahead and get me on the schedule because of the corona.

外围体育投注I was told originally that the surgery I had only had a ten year success term, but it seems like everyone on here acts like they go the rest of their life without needing a repeat. Anyone else on here have recurrent achalasia?


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