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Hi all, another fun tale from your friendly neighborhood finance manager.

Repeat customer has leased three cars from us, I’ve done paperwork on last two. His lease is coming up and he decides to leave the brand. He was kind enough to call and say that he would be going elsewhere for his next lease.

I said I was sorry to see him go and maybe we can get him back next time, but I appreciated the business. Sidebar, he is not an ideal finance manager customer but he’s a good dude.

外围体育投注About a month goes by and I get a call from him. He says he can’t believe we charged him a disposition fee. I clarified that the bank did, not us. He then said I didn’t disclose it. I have a form that customers sign stating that I revealed the dispo fee and how to avoid it. I mentioned that I can have his deal pulled and show him that.

外围体育投注He then says it isn’t on the contract and that he is looking at the contract as we speak. I told him where it is. Long pause.

He then says “Just because it’s on the contract doesn’t make it part of the deal!” , says he’s never coming back and hangs up.

外围体育投注To satisfy my curiosity I had his deal pulled and found the form that he signed, I’m assuming I’ll hear from him again.

外围体育投注Hope everyone else is having as much fun today as I am!

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Good about the current state of the used car market (as many posts on this sub have already noted).

A 10-year-old baby blue Volkswagen Beetle was the most recent impulse-buy for used-car manager Josh Levasseur.

The owner, an 88-year-old woman living at a nearby retirement home, had brought the car to the service department at the dealership where he works. Mr. Levasseur noticed the vehicle’s low mileage, and figured the owner wasn’t driving much and might be inclined to sell. They eventually settled on a price of $5,000.

“It was a vehicle that I never would have tried to find or buy before,” said Mr. Levasseur, who works at Planet Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge-Ram in Franklin, Mass. “We just needed cars to sell.”

Used-car salespeople have long wanted to know what they can do to get you into one of their models. Now they want to know what it will take to get you out of yours.

The availability of used vehicles has grown scarce in recent months as fewer people traded in vehicles or returned leases this spring due to virus-related restrictions. Many dealerships were closed or did limited business in early lockdowns, and lease extensions were a common form of Covid relief from lenders. Meanwhile, economic worries as well as a shortage of new cars due to factory closings have sent more buyers to the preowned car lot.

After a drop in April, auto retailers sold a total of 2.1 million preowned vehicles in May and June, a nearly 9% increase over the same two-month period in 2019, according to research firm J.D. Power.

Used-car stockpiles at dealerships dwindled to just under 2.2 million vehicles by late July, a roughly 22% drop from a year earlier, according to research firm Cox Automotive.

Mr. Levasseur said he has been monitoring the used-car auctions—a dealership’s main source for replenishing supplies—but other dealers are paying “astronomical” prices in frenzied bidding.
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I recently bought a 2020 Camaro OTD for about $25,000 cash. I have put 1700 miles on it. A lot of other Camaro owners in social media groups I am in have been talking about how they got trade in values at or above what they purchased for originally new because the used car market is so high right now - is this common with a lot of makes and models or is it regional? I have been looking at dealer websites and my exact same car trim and everything (different colors but that’s it) are listed at like $26-$29,000 and that’s with 1000 or more miles than mine has.... my plates haven’t even come in yet but I’m thinking about testing the waters and seeing what I can get for trade in. is this an anomaly? Second question, have you ever taken a trade that still had temp tags? Is the process different since I don’t have the title yet? Thanks

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外围体育投注I know for car sales "two weeks" notice basically means I'm done the second I hand that letter over to my manager. He'll probably tell me to fuck off. But I figured i'd still offer it in that way to attempt to end on a positive and professional note, rather than just walk out.

My question is should I at the start of my shift, or end of it? I don't see any point in working 8 hours if any leads I get on the lot or on the phone are basically a waste of time because i'll no longer be working there the next day.

Side question: Is two-weeks necessary? Can I just resign short notice?


外围体育投注I sold my 17 Camry XSE with about 30,000 miles very good condition a few weeks ago to a car buying service for about 18k thinking I got good value out of it. KBB valued my car at 16.5k private sale so I thought I was coming out on top. I bought it for 23.5k plus tax in 2016. Today I googled the VIN out of curiosity to see where my car went. I found it at another Toyota dealership with a price of wait for it..

$23,599, probably with an additional doc and other fees attached. Not even CPO.

外围体育投注The car is literally being sold for $100 more than what I paid in 2016. Obviously there's some inflation after 4 years, but still it's insane. I'm not mad or anything, I still think I got decent value when I sold it and I've been working from home since then so no need for a car.

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I’ve been researching buying a new 2020 Hyundai Kona in Alberta, Canada using Unhaggle as a source for invoice pricing and rebates. I’ve test driven a couple of used AWD ‘Preferred’ (SEL in the US) trims and know I would want that trim over the base ‘Essential’ (SE) model. My issue is currently there are $1500 cash rebates for all of the trims (up from $1000 in July) except the AWD Preferred version which is $0 so no cash incentive. Oddly, the FWD version has the $1500 incentive. For those in the know up here in Canada, is that because Hyundai isn’t having a problem selling the Preferred AWD trim so no need to discount them at this time? And, if that is the case, why does Hyundai USA offer a fantastic $2500 USD cash bonus rebate for their SEL models at this time? Used to taking it up the arse here for prices but that is quite a price disrepancy from the same auto manufacturer.

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