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A Song of Ice and Fire


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It seems impossible that he remains unmarried at his age. As Mace Tyrell's eldest son, he's somewhere in his mid-twenties at least. As long as he doesn't die, he's going to become the next Lord of Highgarden and Lord Paramount of the Reach. Because he has a crippled leg, he can't be a knight, but he's devoted himself to scholarly studies and other "noble" hobbies like horse breeding and hawking instead, so it's not like he's a dullard or completely useless. Littlefinger calls him "boring." But is that really an excuse for why he hasn't managed to get hitched yet?

外围体育投注Is the problem Willas himself, or is his family to blame? There is a theory going around that he might be gay like Loras (and that Willas and Oberyn even had a thing). That could explain it. Or else maybe the Tyrells have been unsuccessful in finding a suitable match for him? They can't use Hightowers because Willas's mother is a Hightower. His brother Garlan has already married a Fossoway. It seems like both Mace and Doran would oppose a match between Willas and Arianne, and the Tyrells likely wouldn't even consider Asha Greyjoy as an option. Are there no eligible daughters from among the other Tyrell bannermen? Who can Willas marry?!?

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It's stated pretty frequently that Euron was exiled about 3 years since he reappears for the kingsmoot.

外围体育投注He claims that the silence is feared from far ib to Asshai.

He claims to have gone to valyria.

外围体育投注He was definitely near Qarth at some point (when he captured pyat pree)

It is revealed that a round trip to Asshai and back takes around 2 years, although admittedly that it is in a merchant ship and not a warship like the silence, even if Euron spent a year getting there and back again he can't have stayed very long to have also travelled to far ib as well.

外围体育投注Realistically he could only have stayed around Asshai for a few months at the very most, and that's if he doesn't spend any time at other ports.

Euron simply hasn't spent enough time being a pirate for him to have the reputation he claims to have, that being said, it can be dismissed that his reputation is just him boasting, as theon pretty much confirms it in ACOK, when he hasn't been seen on the isles for over 2 years.

外围体育投注My theory is that this is a leftover from the 5 year gap, as an 8 year voyage would be far more believable.

I do however think it could be possible to excuse this discrepancy and claim that Euron is simply lying, although I think that cheapens his character somewhat.

What are your thoughts/ have I missed anything.

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Mystery knights would oft appear at tourneys, with helms concealing their faces, and shields that were either blank or bore some strange device. Sometimes they were famous champions in disguise. -ASOS, Bran II

Looking at the different "mystery knights" in Westerosi history and checking for parallels, etc.

Historic Examples

The Knight of the Laughing Tree

Meera tells this tale to Bran in which a mystery knight (most likely Lyanna, but I've read several other good theories) defeats three knights at the Tourney of Harrenhal.

Everyone knows this story and so I'll leave the rest out except to mention we get it through Bran's POV, numerous important details are left out.

Prince Aemon Targaryen aka the Knight of Tears

After being forbidden by his brother to compete, he won and named his sister the Queen of Love and Beauty:

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You're Aegon Targaryen. You've been brought up to believe that you're Rhaegar's son and that Varys rescued you during the Sack of King's Landing. You've spent most of your life on a pole boat being taught how to rule and how to fight. You've been instructed in many academic and spiritual topics. You are sixteen now and capable of ruling without a regency. The plan is to meet your dragon-toting aunt in Volantis and marry her and jointly invade/conquer Westeros. But suddenly, you meet a certain dwarf who starts to convince you that it would be better to invade without your aunt, and appear more of an equal in her eyes when you finally meet her. Shortly after this, you also learn that Dany is still stuck in Meereen.

What do you do? How do you advance your campaign and your claim to the throne? Here are some options to consider:

1) You and the Golden Company decide to help Dany. Do you sack Volantis and aid a slave revolt first or do you just march or sail straight to Meereen? To gain transport via ship, you probably pretend to have been contracted by the Yunkish to get the Volantenes to agree to ferry you over. You arrive in Meereen and kick off the Battle of Fire a little earlier than expected. You're disappointed to learn that nobody knows where the hell Dany is. But there are two dragons lying about. Do you attempt to ride one? How do you handle Dany's forces, the Yunkish forces, and the arrival of Victarion and his Iron Fleet?

2) You and the Golden Company decide to kick back and wait for Dany to show up in Volantis. The Golden Company grumbles about inaction. Volantis eyes your camp nervously. When you hear they're sending their own fleet to Meereen against Dany, do you sack the city and try to destroy the fleet before it launches? You'll be waiting for Dany for a long, long time.

3) You listen to Tyrion and decide to go ahead with an invasion of Westeros. Does your campaign play out the way it has in the books (landing in Stormlands, first major goal is taking Storm's End) or differently? Do you refrain from declaring yourself initially in order to generate confusion? Do you reach out to the Faith in King's Landing and in Oldtown and make pious noises to get them to spread propaganda to support you? Do you bother reaching out to Stannis Baratheon in the North (if so, a full pardon, conferring him as Lord of Storm's End and possibly making him your Hand or marrying Shireen are the only things that make him stand down)? Do you keep Jon Connington as your Hand or will you use the office as a reward for more powerful allies? What about marriage alliances? Arianne will be heading your way: do you marry her and gain a Dornish army? Do you attempt to form a Vale alliance, considering that the Vale is the next best source of food in the realm if the Tyrells don't play ball? What choices do you make and how does your campaign proceed?

Bonus Choice: Do you kill Tyrion (before Jorah has a chance to kidnap him) on account of Tyrion being a kinslayer and widely-believed kingslayer or do you keep him alive? Why?

外围体育投注Looking forward to reading about your choices/strategies!

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外围体育投注One of the main problems with AFFC/ADWD was pacing: GRRM not moving the plot at a decent rhythm, like he used to back in in the first three novels. And while some of the TWOW sample chapters show a slight improvement in this regard, others show more of the same slow pace as the last two books and kind of give me pause. I'm going to try and rank the sample chapters released (and transcribed) so far from best to worst in how they seem to advance the story:

  • 外围体育投注Mercy: Possibly the best in terms of plot and the best TWOW chapter in general (creepy, icky stuff aside). It shows a complete story, moves solidly from point A to point B, and potentially marks a turning point for Arya right out of the gate. The way GRRM utilizes the play motif to move the action along is top notch.

  • Alayne I: A great chapter as well, it does a lot of heavy lifting to get us up to speed on Sansa's story after she'd been absent for years. Again, the plot moves at a decent pace from place to place: we have the introduction to what I assume are going to be the big players in the tourney, chief among them Harry the Heir, and even a full feast/ball, all in the same chapter, which is not always a given with GRRM.

  • The Foresaken: Similarly, this chapter is a good re-introduction for a character that we last saw way back in AFFC. It sheds new light on the character of Euron, seemingly hinting at a darker, bigger role for him. In terms of plot, it's got the forwards momentum of Euron's relentless attack on the Reach, and it does have a somewhat sense of a complete story and the passage of time, seen by poor Falia Flowers going from Euron's happy concubine to a sacrifice in the same chapter.

  • Theon I: Solid enough. Important things happen, there's no denying that. But in terms of plot, it could've been just a little bit better. We are, after all, confined to a single location, in the space of 3 conversations with Stannis. Good, but mostly just setup and it shows.

  • 外围体育投注Barristan I (and II): Decent but compared to battle sequences in the first 3 books, this seems drawn out. In the first chapter, Barry takes too long to get going, and in the second not much happens despite being in the heat of battle.

  • Tyrion I (and II): Likewise, too drawn out. Both chapters are essentially one long conversation that looks like it really could've been done in one. Not good.

  • 外围体育投注Arianne I (and II): The worst offender. Arianne's entourage is moving at a literal snail's pace. GRRM stops the story everywhere, describes every type of tree ever, rehashes the same beats with Elia. The fact that it takes Arianne 2 whole uneventful chapters before she even meets Aegon is worrisome as far as plot is concerned.

I know some of these are just transcriptions and that it's likely that some or most of these are going to be rewritten, but it's looking like a mixed bag so far in terms of plot advancement. I just hope GRRM gets his head in the game.


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